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The Sunrise Cafe'

A Breakfast & Lunch Sandwich Shop

Est. 2019

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231 North Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA


IG and FB: @SunriseCafeCarlisle

The cafe’ is a New York style sandwich shop (not a coffee shop) with counter-style service (no servers)

Reservations not available–No wifi–

–Open for dine-in, take-out, call-ahead, curbside pickup–Outdoor seating during warm months–

–Free & handicapped parking behind the cafe’–

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WINTER HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday 8am-1pm, kitchen closes at 12:45

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Regular Hours:

Always Closed Mondays

Tues – Fri, 8 am – 2 pm * Sat & Sun, 8 am – 1 pm

Kitchen closes 15 minutes before dining room

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Cash & card accepted (no Apple Pay); card can be used for transactions over $5.

Due to high processing costs, there is a .55 fee for Visa, MC, Discover & $2.55 for Amex

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History & Background

The cafe’ is situated in the home of John Hays, a Civil War soldier and founder of Carlisle Gas Works, President of Frog, Switch and Mfg. Company, and a lawyer. Take a look around at the photos while you’re here. The original exterior stone walls (over 300 years old) found behind the drywall have been exposed, and the outside patio, which was gone, has been rebuilt. I’m delighted to show off a renovated piece of Carlisle’s history.

In the middle, that’s my son Tommy. He’s the mind behind the glazed donut sandwich and some of my specials. He is AROTC at Virginia Military Institute (class of 2022) majoring in International Studies and minoring in Arabic and National Securities. His Army commissioning is in May 2022 and he branched in Military Intelligence and Combat Arms. He knows exactly how to make a mother worry.

On the right, that’s me, Tara. I’m originally from Port Jefferson Station in Long Island, New York. I retired early from a career in public education as a Reading Specialist and Assistant Principal to follow my real dream of opening a cafe’. I worked on my menu for many years, bringing with me recipes from my grandmother, my own cooking and baking, and New York delis. I never thought my pipe dream would end up happening. I’m excited to have a cafe’ in this gorgeous, old Victorian building!

On the left is my daughter Sara, the creator of the Boston Cream cream cheese on my menu. She is at the local community college and will be transferring to Millersville University to study Clinical Psychology. She is very excited to move out. I am not excited.

The kitchen is not allergen free.  Dairy, soy, nuts, wheat, and fish are used.

Everything is made fresh on a first-come-first-served basis and bagels are baked-to-order.  

Your patience is appreciated especially when it is busy.

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Breakfast Sandwiches

Dishes contain eggs that are raw or undercooked

Substitute any bread with high-quality gluten-free, 2.50

Best Classic Egg: Two hard scrambled eggs and melted American on a griddled pain roll, 5.50

Bologna for Breakfast: Thick-sliced, all-beef, fried Halal bologna with one over-medium egg and Havarti on a griddled king-size English muffin, 8.50

Carlisle High Street: Scrambled eggs, white cheddar, and Taylor ham in a homemade flatbread, 7.95

Hit the Road, Jack: A hard scrambled egg, Colby Jack, tomato, and fresh spinach on a griddled English muffin, 5.25

Healthy Morning: Two egg whites, fresh spinach, and sliced tomato on toasted multi-grain with homemade avocado spread, 5.95

Long Island Egg Sandwich: Two over-medium eggs, American, and thick-sliced bacon on a soft poppy seed roll, 6.95

New Yorker: Two over-easy eggs with Havarti and warm corned beef on griddled, seeded rye, 7.95

Manhattan: Warm pastrami with two over-easy eggs, white cheddar, and a little mayo on griddled marble rye, 7.95

The Tommy: A buttery griddled glazed donut with a hard-scrambled egg, white cheddar, and pork sausage, 6.95

* * * *
Lunch Sandwiches & Homemade Soup

Substitute any bread with high-quality gluten free, 2.50

Hal's New York potato chips varieties, 2.20 (2 oz bag, nice size for a side)

Today's homemade soup (served weekdays only during cooler months):

Soup's out! New soup next week.

* * * *

Cup of soup, starting at 5.95. Price dependent upon ingredients used. Available weekdays only during cooler months.

John Hays’ SpecialAvailable weekdays only during cooler months. Cup of soup and half a sandwich. Choose from Garden Italian, Quirky Turkey, or Simple Pig. Starting at 9.95.

Brown Bag Lunch: Choose from turkey or brown sugar ham with Havarti, lettuce, and tomato on soft multi-grain with mayo. Comes with a bag of chips. 9.95

Courthouse Combo: Turkey, crumbled bacon, roasted red peppers, Colby Jack, fresh lettuce, spread with homemade garlic herb aioli & homemade avocado spread on a plain roll, 10.95

The Dutch: Turkey, bacon, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, and homemade avocado spread in a warm, homemade flatbread, 10.95

Garden Italian: Sliced mozzarella, fresh spinach, sliced tomato, and a Balsamic glaze on soft brioche, 7.95

Quirky Turkey: Turkey, Havarti, lettuce, tomato, and homemade chipotle mayo on toasted sourdough, 9.95

Rockefeller Special: A great cut of pastrami on soft seeded rye with Swiss and a yellow & spicy brown mustard mix, 9.95

Manzo Manzo: Corned beef, pastrami, Swiss, and a yellow & spicy brown mustard miz topped with homemade cranberry & almond slaw on griddled, seeded rye. If you want a little heat, ask for some jalapenos. 10.95

Simple Pig: Brown sugar ham on a buttered, griddled plain bun and my grandmother’s sweet & tangy sauce.  Add a slice of cheese for 60 cents. 8.95

Tutto Questo: Corned beef, turkey, ham, American, Colby Jack, lettuce, tomato, pickle chips, yellow & spicy brown mustard mix, and homemade Tuscan dressing on a soft plain roll, 10.50

* * * *
Baked-to-Order Bagels & Homemade Cream Cheese

Bagels, 1.95 each

Plain * Everything * Cinnamon Raisin

Kettle boiled & baked, vegan & kosher, from NYC

Our bagels can be purchased baked or frozen. Directions for baking will be on the bag.

Buttered Bagel or Roll, 2.70

Bagel and Cream Cheese, 4.15

Foxy Loxy: Plain cream cheese on a bagel with Nova lox, capers, & scallions, 10.70

Cream Cheese, 1/2 lb: 4.95; single portion: 2.25

  • Plain
  • Jalapeno
  • Caramel and apple butter
  • Boston cream
  • Cinnamon and apple butter
  • Cheddar with bacon and green onions
  • Veggie

* * * *
Pastry Shoppe

Today's Scone: Honey & Maple Bacon

Homemade Sweets

Scones, 6.95: 5″-6″ across, these homemade goodies are made fresh daily and change through the week.

Raspberry Hot Cocoa Cookie topped with Mini Marshmallows, 2.00 each

Orange Cranberry Macadamia Swirl Cookies, 2 for 2.95. A rolled shortbread cookie with cranberries, macadamia nuts, and orange zest.

New York Style Buttermilk Crumb Cake, 3.75 per piece

* * * *

From Greg’s Bakery in York:

The best  jumbo pecan and plain sticky buns on the east coast, 3.50.

Jumbo muffins, 3.50:  Banana Nut, Double Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, & Double Chocolate Chip w/Almonds & White Chocolate Chips 

* * * *

From a Long Island, NY bakery: Jumbo black & white cookies 4.75 


* * * *

  • Italian Roast Coffee 2.75 (refills, 75 cents)
  • Gourmet Hot Tea 1.80
  • Gourmet Hot Cocoa 2.40
  • Chocolate Nesquik 2.35
  • All Iced Tea 3.50
  • Dole Strawberry Lemonade (seasonal) 3.75
  • Pepsi/Diet 1.85
  • Aquafina Water 1.10
  • Hal’s New York Ginger Ale 2.85
  • Tropicana Orange or Cranberry Juice 2.75
  • Martinelli’s Apple Juice 2.75
  • Starbucks Bottled Coffee Drinks 3.75

* * * *

3 business days’ notice required for sandwich and pastry trays; 2 business days’ notice for bagel trays.

Orders for more than 30 sandwiches cannot be accepted.

Call or email (SunriseCafeCarlisle@gmail.com)

Implements & napkins are not provided but can be purchased for 50 cents per set.

Delivery is no longer available.  I do not have the manpower.

* * * *

Pastry/Muffin Trays

Must order at least 12 pastries in order to have them displayed on a tray.

Choose from any of the items in the Pastry Shoppe section above.

$5 will be added for tray, wrap, & bow.

Assorted Bagel Tray $43.50 

One dozen bagels and two half-pound containers of homemade cream cheese.

Egg Sandwich Tray

8-10: $62.50

11-13: $79.50

14-16: $96.50

An assorted tray including the Long Island, Best Classic, and Hit the Road, Jack sandwiches.  

All made with hard-scrambled eggs.


The Office Lunch Tray

7-10: $87.99

11-14: $114.99

15-18: $145.99

A great combination tray: honey ham with American cheese and turkey with Havarti cheese on assorted breads and rolls with lettuce and tomato; corned beef with Swiss cheese on marble rye (no lettuce or tomato).  Comes with homemade cranberry & almond slaw, pickle slices, mayo, and mustard.

* * * *
Room Rental

  • The back dining room is available for seminars, meetings, and get togethers. 
  • 14 person minimum for room reservation.
  • Availability is Tuesday through Friday from 8 am until 11:30 am. 
  • Plenty of outlets for tech equipment. 
  • Guests must be departed by 11:30 to open the dining room up for the lunch crowd. 
  • Seats up to 24 depending on how tables are arranged.
  • $16 per person for breakfast, $19 per person for lunch.  Includes one sandwich (same sandwiches as the Egg Tray and Office Lunch Tray above), choice of two beverages (coffee w/refills, tea, water, juice), 15% gratuity, sales tax, nominal room rental fee ($1.50 per person), and one of two serving options: A choice between three sandwiches, wrapped, and served either buffet style *or* individually. Changes to the food can be made; cost per person may increase.
  • Call to reserve your date and discuss necessary details 223-212-5192, ask for Tara (owner)