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The Sunrise Cafe'

A Breakfast & Lunch Sandwich Shop

Est. 2019

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231 North Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA


IG and FB: @SunriseCafeCarlisle

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(Posted 5/17)


Sunday, May 29-Thursday, June 2
to help my son move to Ft. Benning, GA

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Closed Mondays

Tuesday - Sunday, 8 am - 1 pm

Kitchen closes at 12:45

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Counter-service only, not full-service

Order & pay at the counter, seat yourself, and we’ll bring your food to you

First come-first served; easy/small orders do not skip to the front of the ticket line

Breakfast & lunch served anytime

This is a sandwich shop (see full menu below); I do not serve diner fare or specialty coffees (but I do have fantastic brewed coffee)

Not available: Reservations, BYOB, contactless payments, WiFi, delivery, or affiliations with delivery apps

Open for dine-in, take-out, call-ahead, curbside pickup

Outdoor covered porch seating: 5 tables with seating for 2; 1 table with seating for 6

Free & handicapped parking behind the cafe’

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Cash, Discover, Visa, & Mastercard accepted; card can be used for transactions over $5.

No contactless payments, no AmEx.

A 2% processing fee will be applied to card payments; this fee does not exceed processing costs.


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History & Background

The cafe’ is situated in the home of John Hays, a Civil War soldier and founder of Carlisle Gas Works, President of Frog, Switch and Mfg. Company, and a lawyer. Take a look around at the reprinted old photos while you’re here. The original exterior stone walls and the back fireplace found behind the drywall have been exposed, the front door was a window, the back dining area had a kitchen, and the outside patio, which was gone, was rebuilt during renovations…the list goes on. A lot of work (9 months’ worth) was needed to get the interior to look the way it does and to meet code regulations. I’m delighted to show off a renovated piece of Carlisle’s history.

In the middle, that’s my son Tommy. He’s the mind behind the glazed donut sandwich and some of my specials. He was AROTC at Virginia Military Institute Class of 2022.  He branched Military Intelligence with an Infantry detail. He’s now serving our country as a 2LT attending IBOLC at Ft. Benning, GA, and then his plan is to hopefully get into Airborne School, and then complete Ranger School in the winter. I’m so excited for his life in the military and so proud but he knows exactly how to make a mother worry.

On the left, that’s me, Tara. I’m originally from Port Jefferson Station on Long Island, New York. I retired early from a career in public education as a Reading Specialist and Assistant Principal to follow my three-decade old dream of opening a cafe’. I worked on my menu for many years as a hobby, and I bring with me recipes from my grandmother, my own cooking and baking, and classics from New York delis like the Long Island Egg Sandwich. I do 100% of the cooking/baking every day to ensure everything is going out the way it’s supposed to.  I never thought my pipe dream would end up happening. I’m excited to have a cafe’ in this gorgeous, old Victorian building!

On the right is my daughter Sara, the creator of the Boston Cream cream cheese on my menu. She works hard at two part time jobs and is attending Millersville University, studying Clinical Psychology, and she’ll complete her Master’s there as well. She is very excited to move out. I am not excited.

The kitchen is not allergen free.  Dairy, soy, nuts, wheat, and fish are used.

Everything is made fresh on a first-come-first-served basis and bagels are baked-to-order.  

Your patience is appreciated especially when it is busy.

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Made-to-Order Breakfast Sandwiches

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Sandwiches may contain eggs that are raw or undercooked

Substitute bread with other breads (additional charge may apply), a bagel (1.95), or with high-quality gluten-free (3.00)

Best Classic Egg: Two hard scrambled eggs and melted American on a griddled pain roll, 5.50

Bologna for Breakfast: Thick-sliced, all-beef, fried Halal bologna with one over-medium egg and Havarti on a griddled king-size English muffin, 8.50

Carlisle High Street: Scrambled eggs, white cheddar, and Taylor ham in a homemade flatbread, 7.95

Hit the Road, Jack: A hard scrambled egg, Colby Jack, tomato, and fresh spinach on a griddled English muffin, 5.25

Healthy Morning: Two egg whites, fresh spinach, and sliced tomato on toasted multi-grain with homemade avocado spread, 5.95

Long Island Egg Sandwich: Two over-medium eggs, American, and thick-sliced bacon on a soft poppy seed roll, 6.99

New Yorker: Two over-easy eggs with Havarti and warm corned beef on griddled, seeded rye, 7.95

Manhattan: Warm pastrami with two over-easy eggs, white cheddar, and a little mayo on griddled marble rye, 7.95

The Tommy: A buttery griddled glazed donut with a hard-scrambled egg, white cheddar, and pork sausage, 6.95

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Made-to-Order Lunch Sandwiches

* * * *

Grab a bag of Hal's New York potato chips, 2.30 (2 oz bag; nice size for a side)

* * * *

Substitute bread with other breads (additional charge may apply), a bagel (1.95), or with high-quality gluten-free (3.00)

Brown Bag Lunch: Choose from turkey or brown sugar ham with Havarti, lettuce, and tomato on soft multi-grain with mayo. Comes with a bag of chips. 9.95

Courthouse Combo: Turkey, crumbled bacon, roasted red peppers, Colby Jack, fresh lettuce, with homemade garlic herb aioli & homemade avocado spread on a plain roll, 10.95

The Dutch: Turkey, bacon, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, and homemade avocado spread in a warm, homemade flatbread, 10.95

Garden Italian: Sliced mozzarella, fresh spinach, tomato, and a Balsamic glaze on soft brioche, 7.95

Quirky Turkey: Turkey, Havarti, lettuce, tomato, and homemade chipotle mayo on toasted sourdough, 9.95

Rockefeller Special: A great cut of pastrami on soft seeded rye with Swiss and a yellow & spicy brown mustard mix, 9.95

Manzo Manzo: Lean corned beef, pastrami, and Swiss topped with mustard, homemade slaw dressing, cranberries, and almonds on griddled, seeded rye. If you want a little heat, ask for some jalapenos (75 cents). 10.95

Simple Pig: Brown sugar ham on a buttered, griddled plain bun and my grandmother’s sweet & tangy sauce.  Add a slice of cheese for 80 cents. 8.95

Tutto Questo: Corned beef, turkey, ham, American, Colby Jack, lettuce, tomato, pickle chips, yellow & spicy brown mustard mix, and homemade Tuscan dressing on a soft plain roll, 10.50

Two *huge* bagel sandwiches:

John Hays Special: A vegetarian bagel sandwich on a baked-to-order NYC bagel loaded with spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, & homemade scallion cream cheese. It’s huge. 10.95

*Make the John Hays vegan by asking for avocado spread instead of cream cheese (1.25 extra)

Sunrise Special: A super stacked baked-to-order bagel sandwich with honey turkey or thick-sliced ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and homemade scallion & garlic cream cheese. 12.75

* * * *
Baked-to-Order Bagels from NYC & Homemade Cream Cheese

* * * *

Bagels, 1.95 each (regardless of quantity)

Plain * Everything * Cinnamon Raisin

Bagels are kettle boiled & baked, vegan & kosher.

Purchasing larger quantities: The bagels are sent from NYC overnight and I freeze them; they can be purchased baked or frozen. If purchased frozen, directions for baking will be on the bag. Do not microwave; the texture will not be as intended.

  • Buttered Bagel or Roll, 2.90
  • Bagel and Cream Cheese, 4.15
  • Foxy Loxy: Homemade plain cream cheese on a bagel with Nova lox, capers, & scallions, 12.70
  • Add Nova lox to any sandwich for $6.50 per serving

Homemade Cream Cheese, 1/2 lb: 4.95; single portion: 2.25

If you’d like more than 1 lb, please call ahead to place a special order; the cream cheese is homemade so the quantity is limited.

  • Plain
  • Jalapeno
  • Caramel and apple butter
  • Boston cream
  • Cinnamon and apple butter
  • Cheddar with bacon and green onions
  • Veggie

* * * *
Pastry Shoppe

Today's Scone: Almond Fudge

* * * *

My Homemade Pastries & Cookies:

Scones, 6.95: 5″-6″ across, these huge goodies are made fresh daily and change through the week.

New York Style Buttermilk Crumb Cake, 3.75 per square.

Black & Whites, 3.95 each. Cakey buttermilk cookies topped with corn syrup-based icing; white on the whole inverted cookie followed by dark cocoa icing on half.

* * * *

Homemade muffins from SweeTreats Bakery in the West Shore Farmer’s Market: Apple Cinnamon, Lemon Poppy, Blueberry, & Orange Cranberry, 3.65

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  • Proudly partnering with veteran-owned The 82 Coffee Company.  (82CoffeeCompany.com) They roast green coffee beans from almost every country that produces including Yemen, India, Oaxaca, and Vietnam.  They all have hints of chocolate, caramel, berries, brown sugar, and more. 
  • 2.95 per 12 oz cup, refills are 1.25
  • Gourmet Hot Tea 1.80
  • Gourmet Hot Cocoa 2.40
  • Pepsi/Diet 1.85
  • Aquafina Water 1.10
  • Hal’s New York Ginger Ale 2.85
  • All Juice 2.75
  • Montauk Pink or Yellow Lemonade, 3.75
  • All Iced Tea 3.50
  • Starbucks Bottled Coffee Drinks 3.75
  • Chocolate Nesquik 2.55

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Catering Menu

* * * *

3 business days’ notice required for sandwich and pastry trays and large sandwich orders; 2 business days’ notice for bagel trays.

Orders for more than 30 sandwiches cannot be accepted. (Not enough fridge or hold space)

Catering is provided within normal business hours; on weekends orders must be picked up by 8:30 am due to how busy it is.

Call or email (SunriseCafeCarlisle@gmail.com)

Implements & napkins are not provided but can be purchased for 50 cents per set.

A 2% card processing fee will be applied to orders paid by credit card.

Delivery of catering orders is not available.

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Catering Menu

* * * *

All trays are wrapped and tied with a fabric bow.

Pastry/Muffin Trays

Must order at least 12 pastries in order to have them displayed on a tray.

Choose from any of the items in the Pastry Shoppe section above. 

A larger quantity of one item as opposed to a mix will require one weeks’ notice.

$5 will be added for tray, wrap, & bow.

Assorted Bagel Tray $43.50 

One dozen bagels & two half-pound containers of homemade cream cheese.

Nova Lox

6.50 per serving; to be displayed on a catering tray, must purchase 15 or more servings. 

Egg Sandwich Tray

8-10: $62.50

11-13: $79.50

14-16: $96.50

An assorted tray including the Long Island, Best Classic, and Hit the Road, Jack sandwiches.  

All made with hard-scrambled eggs.


The Office Lunch Tray

7-10: $87.99

11-14: $114.99

15-18: $145.99

A great combination tray: honey ham with American and turkey with Havarti on assorted breads and rolls with lettuce and tomato; corned beef with Swiss on both rye and marble rye (no lettuce or tomato).  Comes with pickle slices, mayo, & mustard.

* * * *
Room Rental

* * * *

  • The back dining room is available for seminars, meetings, and get togethers Tuesday-Friday, 8 am – 11:30 am.
  • White noise machine available for groups discussing sensitive topics.
  • 12 person minimum for room reservation.
  • Plenty of outlets for tech equipment.  Equipment not provided.
  • Guests must be departed by 11:30 to open the dining room up for the lunch crowd. 
  • Seats up to 24 depending on how tables are arranged. If they are connected for a roundtable, 14-15 is the max.
  • Buffet style service
  • $17.50 per person for breakfast, $20.50 per person for lunch.  Includes one sandwich (same sandwiches as the Egg Tray and Office Lunch Tray above), choice of two beverages (coffee w/refills, tea, water, juice), 15% gratuity, sales tax, nominal 3.5 hour room rental fee ($1.50 per person)
  • Changes to the food can be made; cost per person may increase.
  • Please note: If less people show up than what was initially discussed and this is not communicated prior to the making of the food, the extra sandwiches must be paid for at the menu price before departing (not the per person price)
  • If your party simply wants to sit and have coffee/tea over a meeting, this may be done as well within the timeframe mentioned above.  There would be a $75/hour room rental fee and drinks can be paid for separately. All attendants must make a purchase.
  • After-hours room rental is not available.
  • Call to reserve your date and discuss necessary details 223-212-5192, ask for Tara (owner)